Image by "Emiliano Brooks / Studio B2, Inc"

How We Got Here

In mid-March, the world as we know it came to a screeching halt. Our little “Village by the Sea” reeled as the news of lockdown hit. The many local restaurants that we knew and loved were ordered to close their doors shortly after, leaving local restaurateurs stunned and shocked. Some locked their doors and some moved to a takeout and delivery model. This was not enough to sustain payroll and pay bills. 


Delray local Iain Paterson wanted to find a way to rally locals to support these small businesses. He reached out to local restaurant expert, John Brewer, to brainstorm solutions. From this meeting of minds , The Socially Distanced Supper Club was born. The idea was to “flash mob” restaurants by everyone pre-ordering for a featured restaurant each night. Not only did this give the restaurants the push they needed to stay afloat, it also put many restaurants on the map. Our members began sharing their great experiences on our Facebook page with places that many of them had never heard of before. Some of the restaurants ended up doing better than they did before the pandemic!


Our membership base has grown exponentially as we went from a few hundred members to exploding past the 15,000 mark on July 4th!!! Our members ROCK as they continue to discover and share new places that they love and support the EAT LOCAL movement!