“On March 17, 2020, the restaurant business forever changed.  By the following week, SDSC was created to help forge the new landscape and guide confused restaurateurs. John Brewer, who knows the business from the inside and as a real estate broker, was in the driver seat for SDSC.  

John gave me a rundown on what he and Iain had in mind.  He explained how they were going to take the flash mob mentality and help restaurants have a big day to help them survive. It was brilliant and I was excited to participate as a restaurant as well as a customer of others too. 

This idea was so well received that most of the participating restaurants had a great response for their event.  I and many others learned how to do it on their own, which proved to be incredibly valuable to me. 


John and Iain are visionaries and were able to help me and many of my friends in the industry. I’m happy to have participated.”


~Mike Goodwin, Owner of Crazy Uncle Mike’s

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